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quality management
UNIPLAST Pardubice, spol. s r.o. offers services in the field of injection moulding of thermoplastics, printing and ultrasonic welding of mouldings from thermoplastics and final building of assemblies for various commodities of the industry.

The goal of UNIPLAST Pardubice, spol. s r.o. is to provide high quality services to its customers and to continuously improve the quality level of these services so that the current as well as future requirements and expectations of customers and other interested parties are always fulfilled.

In order to accomplish this, the following practices are being observed:
  • the essential prerequisite for the quality of the business is to deliver a perfect product to the customer and to comply with legislation
  • our vision is that the services provided by our company are comprehensive and therefore more convenient for customers compared to our competition
  • we strive to satisfy our customers and gain their trust in our services by complying with the requirements for the quality of the product, documenting our work, observing   delivery dates and maintaining reasonable competitive price
  • we impose strict requirements on our suppliers and aim to prioritize suppliers who hold the certification of quality management system and environmental management certification
  • we aspire to raise awareness of co-responsibility for the high quality of the products, compliance with the legislation and reducing impacts on the environment by further educating our employees
  • quality is important in every last aspect of our services – the quality is ensured by everyone at their workplace
  • quality service (quality product) cannot be ensured only by check-ups . A quality product must be manufactured as a result of stable and constantly improving processes
  • we are improving atmosphere at the workplace by supporting internal communication, straightforward management and clear requirements for employees
  • we aim to create a positive company image by continuously reducing impacts on the environment and by communicating openly with the interested parties

UNIPLAST Pardubice, spol. s r.o.
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