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 UNIPLAST Pardubice spol. s r.o. was founded by Mr Ondra and Mr Zeman in January 1991.  It is a Czech company built without foreign capital as a greenfield  project. Initially, the company focused on manufacturing wired  communication accessories, which was gradually expanded to technical  mouldings from thermoplastics and complete manufacture of small  household appliances such as coffee makers, toasters, kettles, etc.  Next, the technology used in our company was extended to ultrasonic  welding of thermoplastics. What is more, the pad printing office was  equipped with more machines including a two colour printing machine.  Additionally, we invested into the improvement of the machinery in the  injection department and into the construction of a measuring station  with a 3D portal engine.
 In the beginning of 2000, we acquired the quality management system certification according to ČSN EN ISO 9002.  All these investment activities led to contracts for major foreign  (mainly German) companies. The range of our technical mouldings and  assemblies is diverse – from home hi-fi equipment to the automotive industry.

Long-term  relationships with our customers and the number of orders required  expansion of the injection department, so we started to build a new one at the end of August 2004. We began to manufacture at the premises of the new injection department on 1 May 2005.

 During the year 2006,  we continued to equip our injection department with more machines (the  final number of machines is 17). In the area of quality management, we  have started to prepare for the transition to an integrated quality  management system. As soon as on 13 October 2006, we managed to acquire the ISO EN 14001:2005 environmental management certification and on 9 March 2007, we obtained the quality management certification according to the ISO/TS 16949:2002 and ISO 9001:2000.
  In June 2007, we implemented our first 2-component injection moulding machine with the clamping force of 5000 kN equipped with a 5-axis  robot. With this machine we are able to inject plastic parts up to  approximately 1.5 kg (according to the type of material and mould  construction – for more information see the News).

  From 2010 to 2012, we accomplished the following:
   - we equipped the 2 biggest Battenfeld machines with Wittmann linear robots
   - we bought another Arburg machine with the clamping force of 500 t
   -  our maintenance tools now also include a lathe, a grinding machine, a  sinker EDM (electrical discharge machining), a saw and a drill press.  Therefore we can carry out most of the minor repairs on the moulds by  ourselves.
   - we have an operational PIOVAN central drying system and material transport system which help us to enhance the process stability.

  In 2013 we planned new strategy for next years - to start our own R&D centre and toolshop. In this year we invested into workstation with CAD system - Autodesk Inventor.

 Year 2014 became, in line with the new strategy, a year of great changes:,
   - we bought new 3D CNC measuring machine WENZEL LH87 - for touch measuring and laser scanning
   - we chose company ENGEL (supplier of excellent injection moulding machines) a bought machine ENGEL victory 1350/220 with latest control system and full robotisation
   - in March we started building of new hall - storage, R&D, toolshop and reserve spaces for assembly and injection moulding
   - since June we are able to do mold-flow simulations with software Cadmould 7.0 3D  
   - end of December we finish building of new hall
   - we equipped offices with ergonomic chairs and adjustable table

 Year 2015 was year of equipment of R&D cetre and toolshop. We have equipped the toolshop with machining centres - Hermle C12 (for production of electrodes) and Hermle C42 (for steel plates), EDM machine Exeron 313, wire-cutting machine Fanuc Alpha C600iA, lathe, drilling machine, grinding machines and next small equipment. Of course we support this activities with small measure equipment (calipers, micrometers, gauges, ...)  & digital linear height Mitutoyo LH600E.
 In second half of 2015 we bought microwelding equipment and marking equipment.
 To the injection moulding factory we bought machine Engel with clampforce 50t, the machine is equipped with Kistler interface, which allows communication with pressure and temperature sensors in tool. The Kistler unit allows to manage the injection process to reach higher quality level.
 To our measure lab we implemented software from company Trestik for better visualisation and evaluation of measured parts.

  In 2016 we bought 2 new Engel machines (80t and 400t) to injection moulding factory. Thanks to cooperation with famous producer of locking systems for automotive, we implement some improvements a these machines are equipped with Kistler interface as well.
  In May 2016 we install ventilation to the injection moulding factory, to reach better climate inside the hall and reduce non-controlled ventilation.

  Since 2017 we have third machining cetre (3-axis) from Hermle in our toolshop. Next 2 injection moulding machines from Engel - 400t and 160t arrived to injection moulding factory. We start to move our assembly hall - first we let paint the floor, build the racks and bought new assembly workplaces.

 Because our customers have big demands we ordered 4 new machines from Engel, these machines 50t, 80t, 220t and 400t came in june 2018.

UNIPLAST Pardubice, spol. s r.o.
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