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We provide electromechanical assembly using various technologies, air or hand tools in the assembly plant in Soprec (approx. 300 m from the injection department).

we offer
  • complete manufacture of products including packaging

we also offer following technologies
  • electromechanical manufacture of assemblies and sub-assemblies
  • pad printing on plastics
  • ultrasonic welding of plastics

assembly plant
  • production hall – 200 m2
  • currently 1-shift operation
  • operated by Helios Orange information system (connected to the injection department)
  • 5 machines for pad printing with 1 or 2 colour machines
  • 3 ultrasonic welding machines
  • drills, screw cutting machines, etc.
  • a variety of manual and pneumatic tools and single-function products

we are able to provide a great variety of technologies (in cooperation with our partners):
  • surface finishing
     - painting
     - galvanization
     - vacuum coating
     - etc.
  • metal production
     - stamping
     - machining
     - lathing
     - casting
     - etc.
  • PCB mounting
  • and other technologies
UNIPLAST Pardubice, spol. s r.o.
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