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company introduction:

Company UNIPLAST Pardubice spol. s.r.o. deals
    - production of technical moulded parts made of thermoplastics
    - assembly, printing and other operations.

As support for our customers we built-up our own R&D centre and toolshop, to can help with:

   - part development with the using of 3D CAD software

   - optimalisation of part design with using of mold-flow simulation software

   - production of prototypes on 3D SLS (selective laser sintering) printer

   - tool development and production

UNIPLAST Pardubice spol. s r.o. celebrated 25 years anniversary in January 2016. In 1991 we started with our own products - plugs and sockets for wire-bound telecommunication and evolved to full-service company with own injection moulding factory, assembly hall, R&D and toolshop.

why cooperate with us:

company motto:

> we are offering full-service - R&D, prototypes, production (inclusive testing, packaging,...)
> we have many years of experience with challenging projects
> we have team of experienced experts
> we understand the diverse requirements of our customers and their importance
> as a private company we are very flexible and I have a short decision-making processes
> we continually invest in employee & equipment development/improvement
> production is located in modern spaces, where we have enough space for next growth

... where Your ideas meet reality
describes our goal to be not only supplier for our customers, we want to be partner for full-service. Our customers can come with initial idea and we help him with realisation - with help of our experiences with production and modern technologies - software and machines.

UNIPLAST Pardubice, spol. s r.o.
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