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in line with our long-term goals, we completed construction (29 December 2014) of R&D centre and toolshop

since 2015 we are offering:
- technical support with developing of Yours plastic parts (using our experiences with thermoplastic materials)
- mold-flow analyse of flowing of material in tool - software
    -> estimation of deformation, knit/welding lines, orientation of fibres,...
- production of prototypes using SLS 3D printer (selective laser sintering)
which is one of the most advanced technologies of 3D printing - printed part has similar mechanical properties as the injection-molded part

- production of tools in our own toolshop


3D printer EOS P396

- one of best technologies of 3D print - SLS (selective laser sintering), material is laser-sintered in layers - 0,12mm
- parts has good mechanical properties - material holds well together
- maximal printed part dimension: 300x300x600mm

- layer-thickness (
affects the accuracy of parts, surface roughness and spacing of inclined surfaces): 0,12mm
- speed of printing:
up to 17mm/hour
- input file format:
3D in STL
- materials:
PA, PA with glass, PA with aluminium

few examples You can see in our gallery - here

if You are interested in 3D print - You can send Your RFQ here

did You know: To print of 3D part is not so simple. If You don't have 3D model in the right format - STL, You need to convert it first (we can help), than is necessary to load Your file in to the 3D printer, 3D printer split Your 3D model into layers according used material. 3D printer heat the material and the inner operating space - it takes 3-4 hours. Tha it lay layers of material and the shapes are laser sintered together. 3D print is quite slow production - our machine is able to print 17mm height in hour. After printing the part needs to be cooled down very well (to prevent deformations) - it can take several hours. After cooling we can put out the parts - parts stay in material (dust) and need to be blasted to be clean.
tip: It is possible to print many parts at once, we simply stack them virtually into printer - the time needs for printing of 1 part are reduced. 3D print of more parts at once is economic more effective.
UNIPLAST Pardubice, spol. s r.o.
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