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a) principle
  - electrical energy is in ultrasonic welding machine change into vibrations with high frequency (usually 20.000 Hz or 40.000 Hz)
  - this movement is transeferred by special sonotrode to parts
  - one part is moving and the second is holding in the position - it causes friction, which is melting the material
  - the machine press both parts together and after cooling are the parts bounded

b) cycle
  - insert of parts into the jig and start the ultrasonic welding machine
  - sonotrode goes down to parts a start the welding (very short - just several tenths of second)
  - the holding force is increased after welding
  - the parts are cooling down
  - sonotrode goes to the start position
  - removing of assembly from ultrasonic welding machine

c) advantages of ultrasonic welding
  - when used correctly, are excluded material changes outside the welding zone
  - very rigorous
  - it's possible to weld visually challenging parts

  - very fast process

d) disadvantages of ultrasonic welding

  - usually is not possible to weld different types of material (the melting temperature needs to be very similar +/-10-15°C)

  - the parts need to be ready for ultrasonic welding - special edges

e) other utilization of this technology

  - it's possible to press metal inserts into plastic parts
  - riveting - the parts can be made from different materials

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